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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 530PM  CBS  April 22, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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>> an explosion in the sky heard by thousands of people from sacramento to nevada. the explanation from scientists. another step in the fight for suspended sherrif ross mirkarimi to keep his job. what we can expect as the battle moves to the ethics commission. the prostitution scandal involving the secret service is expanding again. the evening. it was a sound that was heard and rattled windows in two states. a loud explosion in the sky this morning.
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scientists say it was likely caused by a meteor. a flood of calls were made to law enforcement agencies. the explosions shook homes from reno to sacramento to bakersfield. many people reported seeing a fireball just before the explosion. >> while i was out your watering and i just looked up and i saw it blowing over like that. it was just beautiful, really big with a lot of color and then it just disappeared >> there was a vapor trail in the sky that you could see for a half-hour after words but other than that, that was hit. i had never seen anything like that before in my life >> and astronomer believes the meteor broke up somewhere over the sierra as southwest of reno. a pg&e memo just disclosed reveals the san bruno pipeline that exploded in 2010 had a history of failures.
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the 1989 document details and investigation they did into what caused the leak in october of 1988. their conclusion, a defective welds on a seem and that is the same kind of failure that contributed to the san bruno explosion. pg&e did not turn over the document until last month saying they had only recently found it. the utility disputes the memos conclusions. another step tomorrow in the effort to permanently remove sherrif ross mirkarimi from his job. the ethics commission will decide if the official charges will stand. and mackovic on what is expected to happen tomorrow >> we have seen the case in the court system and the drama unfold at city hall and now of the ross mirkarimi saw that adds to the ethics commission and at stake is his job >> these are not legal processes, they are legal in the sense of being connected to the
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charter, their political but not in a bad way. these are people who will be reporting to elected officials. it is up to the elected officials to make that ultimate decision >> some questions, can the sheriff is engaged in official misconduct prior to the time that he held office and does official misconduct under the charter require that the alleged misconduct relate to the sheriff's duties? mirkarimi pleaded guilty to false imprisonment after argument led to a bruise on his wife's arm. after his guilty plea he was suspended. he has tried to work several angles in court to get his job back arguing that the mayor did not listen to his story >> as soon as i walked in within 20 to 30 seconds the mayor had announced that i'm asking you to resign if not face suspension. the meeting would have ended right there if i had not asked him a number of questions that started with how do you arrive
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at this position? you don't even know what happened. would you like to hear my story? he was mute for each change the subjects >> he has been telling his side of the story in a series of interviews asserting that the bruce happened when he was trying to defuse a tense situation >> he is claiming that he pled guilty to turning a van around. there is a lot of new information >> now the mayor is asking a judge to force the former campaign manager to turn over phone records to prove that he tried to dissuade a witness which he denies >> what mirkarimi is trying to do is attack the process. he is trying to make it seem that it is illegitimate and personal between him and the mayor. >> it is a process that is expected to take weeks.
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>> so what is the ethics commission, a five member panel with each member appointed by either the mayor, and a censor or supervisor. the commission serves the city through education and enforcement of ethics laws. in this case is it due to investigate an ethics complaint. john edwards goes on trial tomorrow on charges he used illegal campaign contributions to cover up an affair >> he is accused of accepting nearly $1 million and using the money to hide his pregnant mistress. he and his lawyers say the court case is politically motivated. prosecutors must prove that edwards' new that movies using the money was improper under campaign finance laws.
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danielle nottingham tells as cut members of congress wants to know if this has happened before more secret service agent involved in the scandal could be out of the job i would expect in the near future to have several more agents lead members of congress investigating the scandal expect the secret service to fire more agents this week. so far six agents have lost their jobs fiver on a leave, 11 members of the military under
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investigation. part of an advance team setting security for president obama's trip to cartagena, colombia. some agents accused of hiring prostitutes and brennan back to the hotel to rebate the secret service and ms. one agent stayed at the hilton the same hotel where president obama state during the summit. we do not know why he's been put on leave but neither in the hotel where the president of united states was going to stay, it gets more troubling. senator joe lieberman says congress plans to launch errands and determine if this type of behavior has happened before former secret service director does not think lawmakers will find anything i don't believe in the past these kinds of things that happen and not on my watch and authorities are in colombia investigating the scandal, at for the secret
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service as a no time was the president's security compromise. it could be several days before trayvon martin is accused killer is out of jail. george zimmerman a attorney is still trying to raise the bell and find a safe place for zimmerman to stay, officials and sanford florida do not expect problems once he is released. the attorney says there are several options where he can stay but he has not revealed any of them. getting in touch a house cat tries to make friends with a bobcat what she is not interested. a live look at mount vaca and you can see blue skies in the east bay a different picture on the coast significant temperature decrease today and the be,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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♪ in one of oakland's port than crime-ridden neighborhoods
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a plea to stop the violence. a mass at st. elizabeth's church memorialize those who have died due to violence a rally outside the church speakers as the community to rely unite and work together. this is a call to the authority's don't forget us. we are part of the community we are part of this great city. a mosaic on the outside of the church commemorates the project will years ago, then urged and community members to turn in their weapons. the self-proclaimed granat city in northern california celebrated earth day. native american dancers performed at the civic center in san francisco more than 40 years ago april 22nd was designated as earth day and environmentalists have held
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beach cleanup and tree plantings, you can visit all 397 national parks for free through next sunday. a a once-in-a-lifetime moment a tender moment between two cats and only one is a house cat the other a bobcat. for those stockton like those in ocean beach temperatures dropped by 17 for those stockton like those in ocean beach temperatures dropped by 17 degrees, cooling trend will,, when i take a picture of this check, it goes straight to the bank. oh. oh look the lion is out! no mommy no!
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you get to see this as a house cat makes an effort to get in touch with its water cousins. this video from a homeowner in arizona, seeing a bobcat in the backyard is not new but this wanted to get close to the cat inside his home and house cats tried to make friends. about can't look at him and a look back and about can't reach the pot, and she reached the park up and i caught it with a camera the bobcats state for half hour and a canal and then trotted away. interesting to see if he returns. julie watts into nine yesterday get flip-flop from the east bay to and the huge change today the beach was gorgeous it was packed in san francisco a
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different story everyone is socked in you might need a park if you go to the beach it was chilly let's take a look right now the golden gate, a little bit of drizzle on the lens. we are saying coastal clouds and fog will then, a dramatic temperature change, dramatic difference depending on where you were. currently 80 degrees at concord 63 at 0: 83 at livermore 58 at san francisco. depending on how close you were to the fog, the warmer you work or the cooler you were. but everywhere is pretty much running cooler today. we are down by as much as 17 degrees compared to yesterday. this cooling trend continues. it spreads area wide. will see a marine layer tonight. tomorrow morning it will spread
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further inland than today. we will see a cool down and then showers on the way. we've been talking about this for a few days midway we may have to break out the umbrellas. the taste of summer yesterday in a short lived. an upper level trough sitting over the pacific, it will gradually move to the east over us in the next couple of days and bring changes. we will see increase coastal clouds and fog. a deepening marine layer tonight. cooling temperatures area wide, that is the beginning, sitting offshore we have an area of low pressure. a cut off low sinks to the south and towards southern california. we have this deeper area of low pressure sitting on the golf that will move in and wednesday. the two of those will bring
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showers are way when steak into thursday. you will need the umbrella. future cast shows a deepening marine layer and the progression of clouds. i 10:00 tomorrow we will see the low clouds moving pretty far inland. a similar story on tuesday. temperatures cooling dramatically by wednesday our first shine sign of showers. will keep a through thursday. in the south bay temperature 70 in the warmer spots and low 60s along the coast. load to mid-seventies and a warm spot tomorrow, and talked about in '80s. temperatures the closer you get to the day the call you get 66 at vallejo. upper 60s for the warmer spots and will be in the low 60s by the bay. no. i day forecast, cool and with increasing clouds over the
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next couple of days. if you have big weekend plans don't worry. we want things back up. more sunshine next weekend. and it bugs gorgeous. a serious consequence from yesterday's high temperatures a man was burned when a propane take in the back of his pickup truck exploded that happened in coachella and riverside county. temperatures stop one hundred degrees and created a pressure buildup causing it to explode no word on the man's condition to children in the truck were pulled to safety and not hurt. dennis is here when team played in one sat out in the old days used to have double headers but the loose too much money so that on do that anymore, you'll see a lot of baseball tomorrow what can a birthday do for a's pitcher will show you on this day no room for
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almost a year since it won a best ball game with the a's hoping to end the drought on his birthday. little league day at the coliseum a fall been to avoid a sweep to the cleveland indians. there's back-to-back doubles in the first inning.
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the good news that was the only run he allowed in six and two- thirds innings her the a's batting 168 in scoring position thereto of 10 today the game is tied at one apiece. one inning later said smith wraps around the foul pole home run is the a's a 3-1 lead. masterson allowed 17 runs over his last few innings. he made a nice recovery. russ settled down after the rough beginning he walked 5 and struck out that for it except his first win of the year days when five-one the giants ran out at new york and get a double header in tomorrow. kent lincecum still searching for his first win of the year. he'll pitch game 1 and madison
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bumgarner are takes the nightcap. if that is one for a sweet and houston. first-inning bases loaded. there's a chance at the warning track and does not get it. how close was he, that close. a grand slam the astros route the dodgers' 12-0 you pay for the price of a front row seat in the nba. the lakers world peace finishes the bread with a jammed and while celebrating he elbows jens heart and in the head and he goes down and not the first deadly incident for world peace. his former named ron artest, world peace was ejected. oklahoma city up 18 points but then kobe bryant with a three, the game goes to overtime. in double ot he scored six and the lakers rallied to win 114-
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106. he drops in the cause me five seconds in the game 20 seconds later the group except the turnover. philadelphia up 1-032 seconds into the game. hope pea shoots from the difficult and go and it goes in he not the in what the intent flyers when five-one and eliminate its board. how about the capitals missed their chance to finish off the bruins. the win in overtime to force a deciding game 7 in boston on wednesday. to the pga and the texas open at the 18th hole he makes a quadruple bogey, he won't be getting a sportsmanship award he
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slammed his putter and snapped it in half. dan kurtis knows the feeling looking for is first win in six years. this to save par. yes. stays in the lead by one shot. how he handled 18? the putt for the wind, yes! a birdie at 18 clinches the victory by two strokes. i don't know how i do it, somehow, the last couple of years just fighting through it, and stay positive that is all you can do, let let's have a good support him back home. lost that those native started in the pole position but finished 32nd in kansas. he going load to try to pass
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that are neck-and-neck pruitt has a chance but watch what happens. it get squirrely, at is the difference. he can breathe a sigh of relief and get his second win of the year. it tonight on game day 1130 ralph barbieri a longtime bay area sports radio host joins us in studio. 28 years at a and b are. their razor has not spoken on television since he left a and b are so the first interview tonight it seems like no event that is kids a cellphone 4 of and that means trouble come summertime coming up at 63 rules in place for people going to this year's olympic games. that's it for eyewitness news at 530 will see you at half-hour updates on cbs s f. com good night.
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